Artists' Lottery Syndicate

Are you an artist looking for a lucky break?

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The Artists' Lottery Syndicate are:

Ellie Harrison

S Mark Gubb

John Beagles

Oliver Braid

Bruce Asbestos

Hannah Conroy

Liz Murray

Jian Jun Xi

Sarah Doyle

Penny Whitehead & Daniel Simpkins

Dave Beech

Russell Herron

Melissa Bliss

Adele Prince

Anna Francis

Marek Tobolewski

Low Profile

Ruth McCullough

Elaine Speight

Paul Chisholm

Peter McCaughey

Paul Knight

Yoke and Zoom

Tony Kemplen

Dean Kenning

Jeanie Finlay

Mike Chavez-Dawson

Susan Collis

Kwong Lee

Ben Woodeson

Hayley Newman

Rhys Coren

Rich White

Caroline Wright

Samuel Mercer


Maayke Schurer

Gair Dunlop

Ruth Claxton

Thomson & Craighead

All of the Syndicate members listed above agreed that:

- They would commit to one full year's membership at a total cost of £208 (£4 per week).

- The Syndicate would enter both weekly UK Lotto and the weekly EuroMillions draws using the number combinations listed on the Artists' Lottery Syndicate website at the end of June 2010.

- All prize winnings would remain in the Syndicate bank account until the 2 July 2011.

- On 2 July 2011 the total prize winnings would be divided equally between all forty members and paid out by cheque.

- If for unforeseeable circumstances a Syndicate member had to withdraw at any point during the year, then it was his/her full responsibility to find a replacement and to ensure that no weekly payments were missed. No refunds were available on up front payments.

- Members were to keep the Syndicate Secretary fully informed of any potential changes.

- The Artists' Lottery Syndicate would go public in the event of a jackpot win.